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With the introduction of the “ATTAZoo+” kintone functionality extension plugin set, in-house application development was awakened and a total of more than 400 applications were developed.

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【 Summary 】

MIYOSHI TECHNICAL ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is engaged in building equipment design and construction, air conditioning installation, and water supply, drainage, and sanitation installation.
They had to update their hardware and decided to migrate their customer management system to a server. They were introduced to kintone by a solution provider he had a relationship with and thought it might be convenient to check the data on the cloud from the road, so he introduced kintone.
The declaration of a state of emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus was a turning point, and we began to review the state of our internal operations and learned that kintone could be used as a data hub. We found that the use of plug-ins & integration services was important, but we were in a situation where we could not afford to introduce expensive tools, but “ATTAZoo+” was reasonably priced for a set of 11 plug-ins. If we had an engineer who was familiar with the system, we could customize it through programming, but if that engineer was no longer available, we would not be able to perform maintenance. The company decided to introduce ATTAZoo+.
After the service was introduced, application development accelerated due to the ease with which applications could be created, and a total of more than 400 applications were developed, including those that did not utilize the ATTAZoo+ plug-in. Typical apps include the “Garbage Collection Input App” and “Garbage Collection Management App,” which were developed by utilizing “Aggregation Support+.

Detail of the article:https://www.jbat.co.jp/casestudy/case/attazoo_miyoshitec/?_fsi=6qPFoNYf

Service provider : JB Advanced Technology Corporation

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