【 Zoho CRM Plus, an integrated business support package | Case Study】

The introduction of Zoho CRM Plus, an integrated business support package, has made it possible to streamline case management, reduce the time required to prepare reporting materials from half a day to 10 minutes, analyze data when distributing e-mail newsletters, etc.

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【 Summary 】

Mitsui Kinzoku Instrumentations Technology Corporation is engaged in four businesses: the food-related business, which develops and sells equipment for non-destructive inspection of the internal conditions of food products; the OEM-related business, which mounts and assembles electronic circuit boards; the agricultural produce-related business, which sells optical sensors for non-destructive measurement of fruit sweetness, etc.; and the FA The company is engaged in four business segments: the OEM business, which handles packaging and assembly of products.
The company’s major goal beyond customer information management was to increase sales and to achieve this goal, it was necessary to improve the accuracy of individual sales projects. One of the biggest problems was how to determine the probability of winning an order. For example, even though the company thought it could win 50% of the orders, it won 38% of them. At the time, sales management was done in Excel, so real-time information was not updated or shared, and the progress of projects and sales representatives’ activity histories were not known. To solve these problems, the company considered the introduction of IT tools. Since all of the tools had the functions the company was looking for, the company decided to implement Zoho CRM, which was low-cost, including initial costs.
The company’s products take a long time from inquiry to sale, from one and a half to three years, so it is important to manage progress in detail and follow up on changes. With the introduction of Zoho CRM, the company has adopted the concept of managing the progress of projects by stage. With Zoho CRM, it is now possible to check the progress of a project smoothly, and it has become possible to immediately notice and follow up on items that have not been updated, whereas before they had to laboriously read the information from Excel.
By using Zoho Analytics in conjunction with Zoho CRM, complex graphs can now be easily created using drag-and-drop. With Zoho Analytics, they can create a report in 10 minutes instead of half the day it used to take when they used to manage with Excel. Zoho Projects has also helped visualize workloads, and Zoho Campaigns has improved the efficiency of mail magazine distribution and data analysis.

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Service provider : ZOHO Japan Corporation
Service user : Mitsui Kinzoku Instrumentations Technology Corporation

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