【 Alcohol Check Management Service "Three Zero" | Case Study】

Smooth and low-cost compliance with the Road Traffic Act through the introduction of “Three Zero,” a cloud-based alcohol check management service.

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【 Summary 】

ISHIDA CO., LTD. sells and maintains measuring instruments, packaging machines, POS systems, factory automation systems, logistics systems, etc. In April 2022, the Road Traffic Law was revised, making alcohol checks mandatory for its employees. The company’s employees are required to travel to distant locations for deliveries and to work late at night or early in the morning to deal with breakdowns, so it would be a heavy burden for managers to check and manage everything in person. Therefore, the company considered introducing a service that could check and manage everything in the cloud.
The decision was made to introduce “Three Zero” because it was relatively inexpensive, a license contract could be concluded for as few as one vehicle, and the existing alcohol checkers could be used without modification.
After the service was introduced, not only did checking alcohol using the “Three Zero” become a habit, but it also led to increased awareness on the part of each employee not to drink too late the day before. In addition, the system allows users to check their alcohol consumption from their smartphones or PCs, which enables them to smoothly comply with the Road Traffic Law.

Detail of the article:https://alc.aiotcloud.co.jp/case/002

Service provider : AIoT Cloud Inc.
Service user : ISHIDA CO.,LTD.

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