【 GIGA(Global and Innovation Gateway for All) school | Case Study】

The GIGA school concept was realized through the implementation of OCE’s solution.

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【 Summary 】

Based on the GIGA School concept set forth by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture has equipped all students in elementary and junior high schools in the city with one tablet device per student, to realize fair and individualized learning in which no one is left out of a diverse group of children, and the top goal is “to nurture children who, based on their academic ability, can collect and analyze necessary information and use it to solve problems independently”.
Osaki Computer Engineering Co, Ltd. acted as the operation and maintenance contractor for the implementation of one tablet terminal per student and provided support for the implementation, including Azure AD construction, local Internet breakout, and network optimization. This allowed for two-way communication between teachers at school and students at home using Microsoft Teams for Education for school closures and dispersed school attendance under the declared state of emergency during the Corona Disaster. i-FILTER@Cloud has been installed to ensure that students can access the Internet without the need to worry about harmful websites at home.
In addition, Techno Horizon’s “xSync Board,” a board-integrated electronic blackboard, was installed in all regular classrooms of elementary and junior high schools in the city, and at the same time, the “xSync Classroom” tablet learning class support software was also introduced. This allows instructors’ digital textbooks that have already been installed to be projected directly onto the electronic blackboards, enabling easy-to-understand lessons to be developed by enlarging important points of the lesson. In addition, because the system can be used simply by turning it on and touching the screen, even teachers and staff who are not good at ICT can use it smoothly, and it is used in class every day, every hour.

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Service provider : Osaki Computer Engineering Co, Ltd.
Service user : Ichihara City Board of Education

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