【 Crowdfunding "Readyfor" | Case Study】

Through crowdfunding on Readyfor, Tomashiba, a service that allows only one couple per day to stay overnight in a lawn field where the business is operated, was realized.

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【 Summary 】

sunsunto is developing its business based on the concept of “experiencing the ‘life in Daisen'” and had aimed to start “Tomashiba” to create an entry point to convey the “life” in the Daisen area that attracted me as a member of the Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers. “Tomashiba” is a service that allows only one couple a day to stay in a grass field where the business is operated.
They were looking for a way to raise funds with 2 viewpoints. 1st thing is that they can raise funds without losing their axis. 2nd thing is that they can raise funds on their way and quickly. Then, they specialized in 2 ways of raising funds that use banks or crowdfunding. They chose crowdfunding because they were a team of freelancers and because they had a lot of freelancers in their team. They chose Readyfor because they happened to meet members of Readyfor at an event in Tokyo, and after hearing their stories and seeing how they worked with their hearts, they thought they would like to work together with them. Compared to the Tokyo metropolitan area, the financial cost of starting a business in a rural area is less. That is why they felt that raising funds through “crowdfunding” was a good fit for rural areas.
In the end, they succeeded in raising 3,351,000 yen from 228 people, exceeding their goal, and the service became a reality.

Detail of the article:https://readyfor.jp/lp/tomashiba_interview/index.html

Service provider : READYFOR Inc.
Service user : sunsunto

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