【 Medical checkup (health checkup) reservation service "AITEL" (Health Checkup Reservation All in One AITEL) | Case Study】

Outsourcing the reception of telephone reservations through the introduction of the “AITEL” that health checkup (medical checkup) reservation service and centralized management of reservation data on the Web have realized a significant improvement in the efficiency of the reservation process.

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【 Summary 】

The Tokyo Health Service Association contributes to the promotion of the health and welfare of Tokyo residents by disseminating knowledge about preventive medicine and providing health checkups and examinations for disease prevention, health support, and health education. It has been commissioned by local governments to provide health checkup services and to accept appointments by phone on their behalf, but the number of cases had increased to the point where the phone lines were not being answered.
The company had been outsourcing web-based appointments for some time, but it was not possible to link the patient’s eligibility to receive medical examinations with the appointment details, and if there was a mistake, it was necessary to change or cancel the appointment, which had to be handled on an individual basis.
Therefore, the “Kenshin Reservation All in One AITEL (hereafter, AITEL)” was introduced to reduce the workload of telephone reservations and to centrally manage web reservations.
As a result, it became possible to centrally manage both telephone and Web reservations. In addition, by reducing the workload of telephone appointment reception, the company was able to shift its focus to its main business, and more, it became possible to flexibly adjust the schedule of medical checkups and the number of patients for each appointment slot.

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Service provider : Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd.
Service user : Tokyo Health Service Association

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