【 Multi slimming machine "celldrive pro" | Case Study】

When the multi-slimming machine “celldrive pro” was introduced, it was well received by members for its effectiveness even after only one session.

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【 Summary 】

At Luxe, they provide high-quality services in “training,” “conditioning,” and “relaxation” to help you become the person you want to be by introducing state-of-the-art equipment for bodybuilding such as dieting, shaping, and muscle building, stress relief, and beauty problems such as rough skin. This sports club provides high-quality services to help you achieve the figure you want to be.
The decision to introduce the “celldrive pro” multi-slimming machine was based on the fact that thermal fractional was included in the celldrive pro and that it was judged to be suitable for people who wanted to lose weight.
After the introduction, members who use the facility have been pleased with the results, even after just one session anyway. Therefore, those who really want to become thinner continue to use the system. Also, since it is a self-system, the strength of the massage can be adjusted freely, which is also appreciated.

Detail of the article:https://www.rad-project.co.jp/review_detail/26

Service provider : RadPROJECT Co.Ltd.
Service user : Luxe Laurel corp.

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