【 MyClerk, an online secretarial service specializing in the insurance industry | Case Study】

Work that cannot be done or handled by yourself can be outsourced to MyClerk, an online secretarial service specializing in the insurance industry, for more efficient operations.

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【 Summary 】

Lumierite Hiroko Shinoda has held numerous seminars, including “The Perfect Savings Method for Your Sparkling Life,” “Money Seminar for Money-Free Life,” “Seven Rules to Know When You Want to Increase Your Money,” “Seminar on Education Funds to Fulfill Your Child’s Dream and Mom’s Future,” and “Nenkin Seikin Seminar. She has held numerous seminars.
In the past, she just didn’t have enough time to run her business, whether it was her poor management or bad behavior. she was once told that she should outsource, but she didn’t even know where to contact because the insurance industry has some special aspects. While researching outsourcing, an advertisement for MyClerk appeared on Instagram, and upon closer inspection, we found that the company specialized in the insurance industry, so we decided to introduce MyClerk after hearing about it once.
We asked MyClerk to upload the video to their website after the seminar and prepare the official line so we could distribute it. In addition, they also created a lit.link for me. She is still requesting MyClerk to add captions to her videos every now and then because they are so efficient at what would have taken me 10 times as long if she had done it herself.

Detail of the article:https://myclerk.net/review/customer-stories/2840?fbclid=IwAR3CEX2J__frG4bdNrQzu0N6lwoha6Ih-7tAdWZ9oUpijZA8-wi07LSyIdk

Service provider : My Clerk CO., LTD.
Service user : Lumierite

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