【 Training for Business Producers to Enhance Thinking Skills | Case Study】

To make better use of employees’ creativity than ever before, they have implemented a training program to enhance their ability to think logically for business producers.

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【 Summary 】

At Dentsu Inc., employees are generally good at creative thinking, but few have systematically learned logical thinking, and the company was facing challenges in terms of thinking more deeply than ever about increasingly complex social issues. In addition, consulting firms and other firms were increasingly becoming competitors for projects, further increasing the need to develop the ability to think logically and thoroughly. It was at this time that they were introduced to Recruit Management Solutions’ “Training to Enhance Thinking Skills”. They felt that systematically learning the three skills of “the ability to formulate questions”, “the ability to structure information” and “the ability to formulate an argument” was exactly what salespeople needed, and the fact that other departments in the company had already introduced training to enhance the ability to think critically and achieved high results made the decision to introduce the program.
As a result of the repetition of learning through the training, the participants felt that they were learning more and more as they went through the training. In fact, the participants often feel that what they learned in the training is being applied to their documents and meetings, as terms such as “MECE” are used frequently during the meetings. In the post-training questionnaire, many participants said that they understood their peers’ way of thinking through the training.

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Service user : DENTSU INC.

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