【 "STAFF START", enables online customer service on e-commerce sites | Case Study】

Implemented Staff Tech service “STAFF START” for Sales DX to increase sales for EC business. Utilizing the posting function, realized sales of over 200,000 yen per post.

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【 Summary 】

 YONEYAMA co., ltd. is a one-stop food container packaging provider for supermarkets and other major mass merchandisers, from planning and development to sales.
 Until recently, the company had focused on face-to-face sales to major mass retailers, but after the Corona disaster, it realized the need to strengthen its online presence and introduced “STAFF START,” a Staff Tech service that enables store staff to DX and provides online customer service on its EC site. The company introduced STAFF START, a Staff Tech service that allows store staff to be digitally transformed and serve customers online at the company’s EC site.
 A major deciding factor in introducing the service was the ability to use STAFF START’s online posting function to add value to food containers and packaging, which can easily become homogeneous, and differentiate them from competitors’ products.
 After the introduction of STAFF START, the EC Division, which originally had little interaction with other departments, was able to establish horizontal ties through STAFF START and utilize sales perspectives in its operations. In addition, the company expects that the use of STAFF START posts will lead to more efficient sales activities, as they can convey concrete images of use and provide realistic information. Some postings can generate sales of more than 200,000 yen per post, and the CVR rate via such postings has been as high as 19% or more, leading to increased customer willingness to purchase.

Detail of the article:https://media.staff-start.com/post/interview-yoneyama/?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=case&utm_campaign=yoneyama&fbclid=IwAR0VRwJCXKGqdDI7zHz9_ZI5LLeK9Utl18d-DPvsIvH-aPAsOsX2O8-jqiY

Service provider : VANISH STANDARD CO.,LTD.
Service user : YONEYAMA co.,ltd.

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