【 Improved efficiency and security of in-house PC operation and management | Case Study】

Security, applications, system updates, etc. for PCs used for remote work is being managed efficiently by the system. Subscribing PCs allows for continued operation while keeping the system optimized.

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【 Summary 】

 Yokogawa Electric Corporation was founded as a company engaged in the measuring instrument business and is now engaged mainly in the control business that supports various industries.
 The company has been undergoing organizational reforms in line with recent moves toward SDGs and decarbonization, while at the same time shifting from a traditional sell-out license business to a recurring business, which is a subscription model. The company has therefore been promoting both Internal DX, which focuses on improving employee productivity as its main objective and External DX, which develops and provides value-added digital services to customers.
 In the process of promoting DX, security issues and PC management issues arose as more employees began to work remotely. In response, the company introduced Unifier Cast, a Windows 10 operation issue resolution tool, and AppSelf, an application management tool, of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation to ensure that OS and application updates are performed from the cloud even in a telework environment and to strengthen endpoint security. In addition, the company has established a system to strengthen endpoint security by ensuring OS and application updates from the cloud even in telework environments. In addition, the introduction of “Cotoka for PC”, a PC subscriber for corporate customers, has solved the issue of PC operation under telework.

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Service provider : Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation
Service user : Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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