【 Integrates and streamlines business operations Cloud ERP "ZAC" | Case Study】

Visualization of profit and loss by project through the introduction of cloud ERP “ZAC. Curbing unnecessary expenses, improving data accuracy, and increasing operational efficiency.

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【 Summary 】

 As an organization specializing in technology related to electric wires and cables, the Japan Electric Cable Technology Center (JECTEC) provides services such as testing, surveying, and certification of electric wires and cables.
 The company had an opportunity to analyze financial data for the past five years in order to examine its mid- to long-term organizational vision for 2030, but was unable to analyze the current situation as desired due to a lack of proper data. The reason for this was that there were multiple systems dispersed throughout the company, including an order management system developed by the company, attendance and man-hour data collected in Excel, an invoicing system built with Access, and an accounting system in which journal entries are manually entered. The systems were also subject to manual data linkage, etc.
 In order to solve the above issues and standardize operations by unifying the systems, the company considered implementing ERP in order to create a business infrastructure that would allow accurate data to be obtained. oRo Co., Ltd.’s cloud ERP “ZAC” was chosen because of its ability to manage a series of processes from quotation and order receipt to payment confirmation in a single system, and its ability to consolidate purchase, man-hour, and expense data linked to sales, enabling accurate profit/loss for each project to be grasped. Another reason for the decision to introduce ZAC was that it was expected to standardize operations in order to break away from the system operation being done by a single person.
 With the introduction of ZAC, the rules for recording sales were also standardized for each division, enabling accurate sales forecasts for each month. In addition, each division used to purchase necessary items at the level of the person in charge, and the accounting department was not able to grasp what was purchased until the voucher was received. In addition, the alert screen allows employees to see at a glance which tasks need to be handled, and attendance and man-hour management is now automatic, improving the accuracy of data.

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Service provider : oRo Co., Ltd.
Service user : Japan Electric Cable Technology Center (JECTEC)

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