Automation of emails and API integration through the introduction of MA tools were key, and increased the number of business meetings by 8 times without changing the number of people.

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【 Summary 】

 iii@OEC Corporation. has been developing a wide range of BtoB cloud solutions and has been focusing on digital marketing activities.
 The company had originally implemented an MA tool, but it was limited to simple manual entry of lists obtained from inquiries and comparison sites, or importing CSV data. However, as the number of leads increased, it became too much to handle, and the company decided to switch to the Shanon Marketing Platform (SMP) MA tool, taking into consideration its system integration and scalability.
 One of the most effective features after switching MA tools was the step email function, which has more functions than the previously used MA tool and can be easily changed when the content needs to be updated. Since the company has many products and services, it is necessary to change the text for different targets and conditions, and SMP was able to automate this process. In addition, even though the number of marketing, inside, and sales personnel has not changed, the number of business negotiations has increased eightfold. These three roles were able to function because the SMP and the system used by the sales force worked well together.

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Service provider : SHANON Inc.
Service user : iii@OEC Corporation.

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