【 Contract review platform "LegalForce" | Case Study】

Introduced “LegalForce,” a contract review platform, to improve the efficiency of contract review operations and reduce risk.

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【 Summary 】

 St.Cousair., Ltd. operates more than 150 select food stores throughout Japan.
 The company receives about 30 requests per month for review by the legal department, and without a dedicated person, the review process would not proceed, making it impossible to respond to requests in a timely manner. As DX for business improvement and productivity enhancement progressed across the board, there was a need to promote DX in legal operations as well. Therefore, the contract review platform “LegalForce” was introduced for legal DX.
 After the introduction of the system, the review function enabled the company to share review work with members who had no experience in contract review, and the comparison function reduced the time required to create old/new comparison tables by 80%, thereby eliminating the need for personnel and improving operational efficiency.

Detail of the article:https://legalforce-corp.com/4576/?fbclid=IwAR03jDwOQtSlg4F-hj2M_3MZskz1_2YX3zfcF2meqvY65w1_ZGjg5Xz7zYc

Service provider : LegalForce, Inc.
Service user : St.Cousair., Ltd.

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