【 "Amplitude" product analysis tool | Case Study】

The introduction of the product analysis tool “Amplitude” made it possible to check app and web data in a single view, and by launching appropriate measures, the number of app downloads was improved.

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【 Summary 】

 Spacemarket, Inc. offers Space Market, a platform that makes it easy to rent or lease any kind of space.
 Since only a limited number of people had access to the data, the company wanted to democratize the data by creating an environment where data could be utilized regardless of position or job title. In addition, the original tool was difficult to use and had slow response times, which made data analysis time-consuming and inefficient, so the company was considering replacing the tool. Amplitude has a proven track record as a behavioral analysis tool overseas and has been adopted by major companies such as Twitter and Salesforce it is also available in Japanese.
 After the introduction of Amplitude, it was overwhelmingly faster than the tools previously used, and the work efficiency for analysis, which had been a business issue, was improved. Originally, engineers and designers did not look at the data very often, but since it is intuitive and easy to use, members of various job categories related to the product such as PM, marketers, engineers, and designers are now utilizing the data. In addition, Amplitude has a function that is not easily implemented in other tools, which allows users to view data from both the application and the website at once, and they are linked by user IDs. By utilizing this function, we were able to understand how users downloaded the apps, and we were able to propose this information to other users, which led to an increase in the number of app downloads.

Detail of the article:https://growth-marketing.jp/cases/case_spacemarket_amplitude/?fbclid=IwAR3gUXDnlJNra1yD191H8FfdrkkSGIhm7QrsNMGis4t7xQFLnNBN9OjV79o

Service provider : DearOne, inc.
Service user : Spacemarket, Inc.

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