【 Nighttime on-call service | Case Study】

Successfully hired two nurses with “no on-call” after implementing a nighttime on-call service at a private-pay nursing home! And the number of on-calls decreased from 20 to 3 per year!

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【 Summary 】

 Care Support Co., Ltd. operates a private-pay nursing home “Hogaraka-en Omitake” and other facilities.
 The facility originally had two nurses on call at night, but one of them was on maternity leave, making it difficult to respond during the night. Recruitment activities were not going well, and during that time, the nurse was handling the situation almost alone. During recruitment interviews, many applicants wanted to work without nighttime on-call service, and the on-call service was hindering their recruitment efforts.
 After introducing the nighttime on-call service, it became possible to recruit with the “no on-call” appeal, and the company was able to hire two new nurses. In addition, while only those who can work full time can be hired if they need on-call, externalizing the work has made it possible to hire part-timers. Furthermore, before the introduction of the service, there were more than 10 cases a year that required emergency transport during the nighttime hours, but within one year after the introduction of the service, the number of cases decreased to two or three, and the number of rushed cases also decreased dramatically from 20 cases a year to three in one year.

Detail of the article:https://doctormate.co.jp/case/okinawa-hogarakaen-ohmitake

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Service user : Care Support Co., Ltd.

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