【 Smart Sodanshitsu, an online counseling service for corporate clients | Case Study】

Introduced “Smart Sodanshitsu”, an online counseling service for corporate clients, to support employees with mental health issues. Counseling via e-mail is also popular.

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【 Summary 】

 At Aiki Corp., store managers and managers had only a limited number of people with whom they could consult, and some said that they wanted to consult but felt uncomfortable doing so, or that they did not know whom to consult. In addition, Mr. Takahashi, the human resources manager, was in a position to receive consultations on anything and was receiving consultations from staff outside of work hours. Therefore, the “Smart Sodanshitsu”, an online counseling service, was introduced.
 After the introduction of the service, the company received feedback from the service users, such as, “The service was very receptive and sympathetic”, “I was able to talk about things openly”, and “I would recommend this service to anyone who is feeling depressed!”. One staff member also uses e-mail consultations because she feels nervous in a face-to-face meeting and is concerned about the other party’s line of sight.

Detail of the article:https://smart-sou.co.jp/case/aiki

Service provider : Smart Sodanshitsu, Inc.
Service user : Aiki Corp.

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