【 Booking engine "tripla Book" | Case Study】

Introduced the “tripla Book” reservation engine on its website, moving away from reliance on OTAs, which have a heavy fee load, to attract customers. The number of reservations on the company’s website increased 1.5 times.

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【 Summary 】

 The current lodging industry is undeniably dominated by OTAs, and KOWAKUEN Co., Ltd. was also relying on attracting customers via OTAs, which resulted in a heavy fee burden. To increase the ratio of in-house reservations, the company decided to shift to a user-oriented engine, aiming for a website that is easy to make reservations.
 After the introduction of this reservation engine, the number of in-house reservations increased 1.5 times, even though the overall number of reservations was about 70% of the total, compared to November 2020, when the utilization rate was at its highest. In addition, when the membership program was introduced, 90% of in-house bookings were registered as members, due in part to the ease of use of the functionality.

Detail of the article:https://tripla.io/portfolio-item/kowakuen/

Service provider : tripla Co., Ltd.
Service user : KOWAKUEN Co., Ltd.

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