【 Workflow system "Jobukan Workflow" | Case Study】

Promoted digital transformation of approval operations with “Jobukan Workflow” and reduced the speed of approval from one week to as little as one day.

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【 Summary 】

 Sakazen Shoji Co., Ltd. sells apparel and accessories, and with the mission of “#Enjoyment and Happiness for All People”, the company aims to provide fun and excitement to its customers and employees and to provide “happiness” to society as a whole.
 The company was faced with the time and cost of applying for and getting approval for documents for expenses such as POP creation and the purchase of decorating and cleaning supplies. Documents requiring approval were sent from the stores to the head office via “wholesale delivery service” or by fax, which required at least two sheets of paper and the signature of the president. In some cases, it took up to a week or more for the decision to be made, and the lack of speed was a major issue. In urgent cases, documents had to be sent from the store to the head office by courier service, resulting in high costs. In addition, because the documents themselves were stored on paper, storage and disposal costs were also necessary. Therefore, the company decided to introduce the “Jobukan Workflow”, a workflow system.
 The introduction of this system reduced the time required to decide from a maximum of one week to as little as one day. With the time saved, the company is now able to devote more time to store operations and customer service.

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Service provider : Donuts Co. Ltd.
Service user : SAKAZEN SHOJI CO.,LTD

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