【 Inventory control system "Tanaban 10" | Case Study】

Digitalized the inventory management of maintenance parts by introducing an inventory management system “Tanaban 10”. Aiming to reduce human error, excess inventory, man-hours, etc.

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【 Summary 】

 KANTO Bus Co., Ltd. manages parts used for vehicle maintenance, but the company was facing issues such as excess or insufficient stock of parts, time-consuming inventory, and human error. Therefore, the company decided to introduce an inventory management system, Tanaban 10.
 In introducing Tanaban 10, the system was customized to suit the operations of KANTO Bus Co., Ltd. After the introduction of the system, the company received a favorable response, saying, “We can check the inventory status in real-time when we take inventory, making it easier to prevent the occurrence of excess inventory and stock shortages.

Detail of the article:https://www.zaiko-kanri.jp/case/zaiko-kanri-case001-2/

Service provider : Rights Co., Ltd.
Service user : KANTO Bus Co., Ltd.

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