【 CMS for BtoB marketing "ferret One" | Case Study】

Introduced “ferret One,” a system that enables site operation, access analysis, and e-mail distribution in a single system, to promote digital marketing.

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【 Summary 】

 C.E.Management Integrated Laboratory Co.Ltd had the challenge to strengthen the development of new customers by making their many technologies and business activities known to the public. Therefore, they decided to separate their technology and business introduction pages from their corporate site as a service site to familiarize their customers with their business and technology, and to lead them to download materials and make inquiries.
 Since there were no engineers who could use CSS, they considered introducing a CMS that anyone could use. They decided to introduce “ferret One” because its UI was simple and easy to understand, and it included functions similar to an MA tool. Although they had considered using a separate MA tool, once they decided to implement ferret One, there was no need to implement an MA tool.
 Since the introduction of ferret One, the company has been making full use of its wide range of functions, including page editing, blogging, email distribution, access analysis, and action history. ferret One’s all-in-one system, which handles everything from lead acquisition to nurturing measures, has made it easier to track lead trends, and lead management has become easier.

Detail of the article:https://ferret-one.com/voice54_dksiken

Service provider : Basic Inc.
Service user : C.E.Management Integrated Laboratory Co.Ltd

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