【 360-degree panoramic VR "Smart360" | Case Study】

A virtual showroom that can be visited at any time is realized with the 360-degree panoramic VR “Smart360. Even customers who have difficulty visiting the site can now check it from home.

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【 Summary 】

 Eidai Co., Ltd. is proposing the creation of a rich home utilizing wood in its showrooms.
 The company’s products are displayed in 14 showrooms located throughout Japan, and customers can visit any one of these showrooms to see the products in person. However, since it is not possible to display all of the hundreds of thousands of parts and materials on display, there were times when customers would visit a showroom only to find that the product they were looking for was only available in another showroom. In order to improve such a situation, they felt it necessary to introduce a tool that allows visitors to check before coming to the show. However, such tools were often expensive, and it was difficult to introduce them. At that time, we learned about “Smart360” at an exhibition and decided to introduce it because anyone can easily create and use 360-degree panoramic VR content, minimizing the time and manpower required for content creation and maximizing the effect.
 Most customers who are considering purchasing products visit showrooms, but many of them are pregnant women before giving birth or couples with children, and moving around the showroom and listening to product explanations while standing up was a major burden for them. In addition, many customers had only their husbands visit the showroom and communicate with their families by phone or e-mail to get their opinions. After the introduction of Smart360, these issues were resolved, and the customers were able to visit the showroom from the comfort of their own homes without any physical burden and with detailed descriptions of the products, which were far more informative than simply looking at a website. It is now possible to provide far more information than just looking at a website.

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Service provider : AGENTEC Co.,Ltd.
Service user : Eidai Co., Ltd.

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