【 Business chat "direct" | Case Study】

The introduction of the business chat “direct” facilitated communication between the site and the company, and also prevented the omission of information.

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【 Summary 】

 Nippon Builcare Co., Ltd. is a company that provides building envelope repair and maintenance services.
 The company was using a private chat tool for on-site communication. However, communication was limited to within the site only, and the only means of communication between the site and the company was by e-mail. In addition, multiple tools were mixed, with different video conferencing systems being used depending on plenary sessions and meetings. At that time, we learned that another company had introduced “direct” business chat at their site, which was easy to use and could also be used for internal communication, and we decided to introduce direct.
 With the introduction of direct, we can now use it when we do not want to disturb the other party’s time, for example, when we want to ask for a favor as soon as possible, but a phone call might be annoying, we can use directly to contact the other party and only call if the message has not been read. In addition, since it is possible to see who has already read the message if someone has not read a message or request, it is now possible to tell them directly.

Detail of the article:https://direct4b.com/ja/voice/voice-n-builcare.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=20220809

Service provider : L is B Corp.
Service user : Nippon Builcare Co., Ltd.

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