【 "BOILER ECO SYSTEM" energy-saving system for noodle boiling machines | Case Study】

The introduction of the BOILER ECO SYSTEM, a boiled noodle machine energy-saving system, automatically reduces water and energy costs without the need for manual adjustments.

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【 Summary 】

 TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation operates approximately 20 food and beverage brands under the banner “Fill this planet with the excitement of food”.
 The company promotes environmental management, and focusing on the energy used in Marugame Seimen restaurants, took on the challenge of saving energy in the udon noodle boiling kettles, which accounted for the largest percentage of energy consumption. As a result, the company succeeded in developing a kettle equipped with energy-saving functions, but at the same time, it was considering whether energy-saving measures could be taken with the existing kettles.
 Employees used to manually control electricity and water according to a manual, but after the system was introduced, energy-saving effects can be achieved with simple operations. The company is satisfied with the fact that it can expect a reduction in water, light, and heat energy similar to that of energy-saving kettles that require new capital investment, and on top of that, it can serve the food without sacrificing taste.

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Service user : TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation

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