【 "HELP YOU" online outsourcing service | Case Study】

By outsourcing accounting operations by HELP YOU, an online outsourcing service, the company can concentrate on its core business.

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【 Summary 】

 Ai.Connect Co., Ltd. has four businesses: network business, optical collaboration business, alliance business, and web business.
 Considering the company’s future growth, the company lacked the resources to devote to accounting operations. The company considered hiring new employees, but it was difficult to find materials that would be immediately effective. Considering the cost of hiring and training an inexperienced person from scratch, the company decided that the best solution would be to hire an external person who already had specialized skills, and decided to introduce the “Help You” online outsourcing service. Behind this decision was also the desire to outsource work that could be outsourced to other companies and leave the core tasks of organizational management to talented members within the company.
 Two months after the introduction of HELP YOU, the woman who was in charge of in-house accounting is now able to concentrate on her core duties. Outsourcing the work has also brought about a positive change in the woman herself, who used to have her hands full with the tasks at hand, but now has more time on her hands, and has even raised her hand, saying, “I want to try this job”.

Detail of the article:https://help-you.me/blog/interview-aiconnect

Service provider : knit Inc.
Service user : Ai.Connect Co.,Ltd.

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