【 "TORETA Reservation/Customer Ledger" for digitalize reservations for store visits | Case Study】

“TORETA” was introduced to streamline reservations by going digital. Daily sales increased by 20%!

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【 Summary 】

 SANRASA, a standing-style spice curry restaurant, serves only 30 servings of spice curry per day.
 The restaurant originally used Instagram DMs for reservations, but all were replied to manually. Many of the reservation DMs were vague or were for times that were already filled, requiring multiple DMs back and forth to respond to them, which was time-consuming. In addition, a Google spreadsheet was used to manage the reservations. The main source of frustration was the exchange of reservation DMs, and the company decided to introduce the TORETA Reservation/Customer Ledger system to eliminate this frustration.
 After the system was introduced, the number of new customers increased. Before the introduction of the system, the number of regular customers was about 60%, but new reservations have increased, and daily sales have increased by 20%. In addition, since the system allows visualization of available time between appointments and detailed adjustments can be made by the restaurant itself, it is now able to flexibly guide customers when they come to the store on the same day, allowing them to make appointments without gaps.

Detail of the article:https://toreta.in/case/2022-08-16/3111/

Service provider : Toreta,Inc.
Service user : SANRASA

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