【 "Stock" information sharing tool | Case Study】

The introduction of Stock has eliminated the stress of information sharing, allowing us to concentrate on our core business of “medical care”.

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【 Summary 】

 The challenge was that the dental clinic is basically in practice almost all the time during working hours, so even though staff members see each other every day, they do not have many opportunities to take time to share information outside of the clinic. In the past, they tried sharing information via paper media and business chat tools, but they did not take root in the field. When they learned about “Stock” at that time, it was extremely convenient and quickly took root in the workplace, so they decided to fully implement Stock.
 The introduction of Stock solved the problem of information sharing and removed the stress. Now, all information remains in Stock, and everyone has immediate access to the information they need. Many staff members were uncomfortable with IT, but they were able to quickly learn to use Stock because of its simple layout of functions and clear instructions.

Detail of the article:https://www.stock-app.info/voice_detail_midorino-dc.html?fbclid=IwAR0KGUbNTfNjvQfHXrdzbtxt6Rch-H_3ilM3Pg0Ey2KJpMqFfNZx469-0JY

Service provider : Stock,Inc.
Service user : Midori no shikaiin

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