【 Property information providing service "Gyo-pro" | Case Study】

The introduction of “Gyo-pro”, a ready-to-use property information web service, reduces the time required to update and collect property information, allowing the company to focus on customer service.

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【 Summary 】

 Century 21 member Seiwa Real Estate Corporation was spending a considerable amount of time collecting and updating information on properties and confirming properties due to a lack of manpower. The frequency with which information on the site changed varied from one seller to another, so it was necessary to confirm and update properties daily. Another issue was that they could only collect information from the listings sent to them by the manufacturer. At that time, they learned about Gyo-Pro through an introduction from another vendor and decided to introduce the service because they could see property information at a glance, which would make guiding clients smoothly and save their time.
 After introducing the service, the company was able to reduce the time and effort required to update and collect property confirmations. By using the data linkage function of Gyo-pro, the company was able to update a large amount of property information without any hassle, allowing them to spend their free time on customer service. In addition, the linkage function made it possible for the company to appeal to a large number of properties at a glance, making the website more impactful.

Detail of the article:https://blog.gyo-pro.co.jp/p-790/

Service provider : GYO-PRO Co.,Ltd
Service user : Seiwa Real Estate Co.

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