【 "Clearview C HD22" magnifying reader | Case Study】

The library strengthened its reading barrier-free efforts with the introduction of the “Clearview C HD22” magnifying reader. Library patrons have commented that it is much easier to read than the crisis they used before.

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【 Summary 】

 Akashi City, which has been focusing on welfare under the slogan “Akashi, City of Books”, has been on the cutting edge of welfare efforts, including the establishment of a universal room with an enhanced environment for the use of reading support devices as part of its efforts to create a reading barrier-free environment.
 In January 2017, the Akashi Civic Library decided to move to its current location in front of Akashi Station, and on that occasion decided to consider updating the reading equipment it had been using, as it was getting old. Among the equipment they observed at the time, they decided to install the Clearview C HD22 because of its distinctive C-form exterior, the wide working XY table that makes it easy to read large manuscripts such as newspapers, and the high-quality images displayed by the full HD camera.
 After installing this magnification reader, the client commented, “Compared to the model I used before, it is much easier to read”. The basic operation is very simple and the start-up time of the device is short, making it comfortable to use.

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Service provider : SystemGear Vision Ltd.
Service user : Akashi City Library

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