【 Task and project management tool "Bizer team" | Case Study】

The management of 200 training sessions per year was shifted from Excel to Bizer team, and by simply following a checklist, zero omissions were eliminated and major mistakes disappeared.

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【 Summary 】

 West Nippon Expressway Business Support Company Limited provides training for real estate-related businesses, ETC corporate card businesses, and group companies in the NEXCO West Japan Group.
 The company offers approximately 90 different training programs, each with 80 tasks and many items, and the company felt there were limitations in managing progress using Excel. In addition, the company often had to go to the training sites to do the work, but they felt inefficient because they could not update Excel from outside the company. they began considering the introduction of a tool to manage tasks and looked at several services, but “Bizer team” was simple and could be labeled “outside venue,” “online,” etc., which made it very easy to understand for anyone to see, and they immediately had an image of how it could be used. In addition, the decision to implement the Bizer team was based on the fact that it included all the functions that would be useful, such as reminder notifications, chat, and time measurement functions.
 After introducing the tool, the reminder function played an active role in eliminating omissions of tasks, and major mistakes were reduced to zero. In addition, even when there is a sudden absence, it is now easier to check the checklist, making it easier to explain the handover of work. In addition, the reminder function has eliminated the need for management to force the updating of progress on a case-by-case basis.

Detail of the article:https://bizer.jp/team/case/12971/

Service provider : Bizer Inc.
Service user : West Nippon Expressway Business Support Company Limited

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