【 Cloud-based corporate card issuance and management service "paild" | Case Study】

Introduced “paild,” a cloud-based corporate card issuance and management service, to provide peace of mind when taking cards out of the office and reduce the time required for settlement.

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【 Summary 】

 O-KUN inc. is engaged in contracted and in-house IT development with the vision of “making fun work the standard.
 The company aims to create a state in which employees can exercise a high level of discretion and independence in building the organization and internal systems. In this situation, the company was facing challenges in purchasing and purchasing. When on-site members wanted to make various payments, they all had to apply to one corporate member for payment using a corporate credit card managed by the company. This meant that the burden for everything from purchasing to business trip arrangements was concentrated on the corporate member in charge, and this was a concern for the company’s future growth and expansion. It was at this time that they learned of the existence of “paild,” a cloud-based corporate card issuance and management service, and decided to try it out on a trial basis.
 After introducing the service on a trial basis, they had a chance to experience the benefits of paild. Although they have yet to distribute the service to all employees, they used paild to purchase PCs in a situation where they needed to arrange for PCs on the same day. At that time, they felt uneasy about taking the company’s credit card out of the office, but with paild, they could set the credit card’s maximum spending limit to 0 yen when they brought it with them, and after selecting the PC to purchase, they asked an administrator member in the office to raise the maximum amount to that amount and settle the transaction on the spot. At that time, they felt the usefulness of the flexible limit setting function of the paild and the convenience of having it reflected in real-time.

Detail of the article:https://www.paild.io/case/o-kun/

Service provider : paild, inc.
Service user : O-KUN inc.

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