【 Online accounting agent service | Case Study】

By introducing an online accounting agent service, the input work to Freee was outsourced. Then the man-hours required for accounting input were reduced to zero, allowing the company to focus on other tasks.

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【 Summary 】

 ForC Company, Inc. is engaged in the development and operation of various communities, creating rich “connections” among people, communities, and organizations.
 As a small company, the company felt that it would be a waste to allocate staff to accounting and back-office operations. They introduced Freee, but the input work inevitably remained, so they still needed someone to handle it. They thought about hiring an employee, but the bottleneck was that if the employee quit, they would have to start from scratch to teach him again. When they were looking for an outsourcing company, they saw the Freee accounting service and consulted with them, which led them to introduce the online accounting service of S&C Co.
 After introducing the service, he no longer needed to spend time inputting accounting entries, allowing him to devote more time to other tasks. In addition, although he had been using Freee for two years on his own through trial and error, he still did not have enough knowledge, and by partnering with S&C Co.

Detail of the article:https://sc-keiri.co.jp/case/543/

Service provider : S&C Corp.
Service user : ForC Company, Inc.

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