【 EmmaTools™ SEO writing tool | Case Study】

Introduced the EmmaTools™ SEO writing tool, which enabled the company to obtain the top rankings it had targeted for the keywords it was addressing, resulting in an increase in inquiries.

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【 Summary 】

 Apple Park, Inc. operates approximately 1,000 bicycle parking lots and parking garages nationwide.
 The company had been implementing in-house SEO measures for some time to increase inquiries. However, despite optimizing tags and other measures, it was not achieving the desired results. The company decided to use the SEO writing tool “EmmaTools™” to strengthen its content, which allows the user to write while referring to keywords to find out which keywords to use, and also evaluates whether the written content is good or bad in terms of SEO by giving it a score.
 After submitting a certain number of articles created using EmmaTools™, the keywords that had been ranked 30-40 before were suddenly listed higher, and inquiries from land owners began to increase.

Detail of the article:https://emma.tools/magazine/interview_applepark/

Service provider : EXIDEA Inc.
Service user : Apple Park, Inc.

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