【 CRM software "inspirX" | Case Study】

The introduction of the CRM software “inspirX” made operations more efficient and improved productivity. Furthermore, it contributed to a change in thinking within the center to accumulate and utilize data.

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【 Summary 】

 Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. is responsible for domestic sales and service of cameras, binoculars, golf distance meters, and other optics-related equipment, which are the mainstay of the many products and services offered by its group company, Nikon Corporation.
 The company had an urgent need to build a CRM that was scalable, functional, and capable of improving the productivity of its customer support operations. The customer support center handles a variety of inquiries and repair requests from users, including those for past products, amounting to several hundred cases per day. As the entire company was promoting the revitalization of marketing activities, the existing system was already reaching its limits. Under such circumstances, the existing system had become outdated and the support period had ended, so the company considered migrating to a system that would be more user-friendly for the field.
 In migrating to the new system, there were issues related to scalability, such as the inability of the system to keep up with business changes and growth, inability to customize management items for each business, linkage with other systems, and omni-channel capability, as well as the inability to utilize the contents of telephone responses for analysis in the CRM axis and the inability to flexibly handle inquiries about multiple products at the same time. The company also faced issues related to functionality and lack of data, such as the inability to use the contents of phone calls for analysis in the CRM axis and the inability to flexibly handle inquiries for multiple products simultaneously. In addition, the system was also facing productivity issues, such as cumbersome screen transitions and lack of searchability, which made operations inefficient and unproductive due to lack of knowledge management.
 In order to solve the above issues, as well as to improve the customer satisfaction level of the deep-rooted fans and to acquire new fans by creating a new customer experience, the company needed to improve the quality of its response to inquiries. The decision was made to implement the CRM software “inspirX,” which was superior in terms of ease of use and scalability.
 After implementing the software, productivity was improved due to its simple screen structure that allows separate history entry for each call zone. In addition, the reporting function of InspirX has improved the difficulty of data analysis, and the screen can be customized by adding and editing input items according to business needs. In addition, the linkage with CTI and faster retrieval of past inquiries have greatly improved operational efficiency.

Detail of the article:https://inspirx.jp/casestudy/nij.html

Service provider : Virtualex Consulting, Inc.
Service user : Nikon Imaging Japan inc.

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