【 Digital support proposal package "Cloud CIRCUS for Creative" | Case Study】

New business is launched with the introduction of the “Cloud CIRCUS for Creative” digital support proposal package, and orders increase steadily. Also achieved improvement in customer satisfaction and increase in the number of repeat orders through the log analysis function.

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【 Summary 】

 VANS DECO Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 30 years and based on the know-how and actual cases of more than 3,000 video productions to date, the company is committed to in-house integrated production and conducts its business by packaging everything from planning to media production.
 In 2020, the company was looking for a new weapon to differentiate itself as it launched a new business. Originally interested in AR, the company believed that AR and VR would become mainstream with the spread of 5G in the future and that accumulating know-how now would lead to differentiation. In this respect, Cloud CIRCUS had tools other than AR that would lead to proposals and had a high affinity with their business, so they decided to introduce “Cloud CIRCUS for Creative,” which provides digital proposal support.
 More than a year has passed since the service was introduced, and the company has steadily received orders for AR stamp rallies and is building a track record. In addition, to create a mechanism for continuous support, the company made improvement proposals utilizing “log analysis”, a feature of the AR tool of Cloud CIRCUS, and as a result, customer satisfaction increased, the number of repeat orders increased, and the number of orders for other projects and direct proposals increased.

Detail of the article:https://cloudcircus.jp/media/cases/vans-deco

Service provider : Cloud CIRCUS, Inc.
Service user : VANS DECO Co.,Ltd.

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