【 Web site group renewal project | Case Study】

The website renewal project with INTRIX, Inc. was undertaken to strengthen the brand and improve the searchability of over 600 product information.

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【 Summary 】

 Nitto Denko Corporation handles a variety of tapes, including double-coated adhesive tape and masking tape, as well as light-controlling films and medical-related products that are indispensable for electronic device screen displays.
 The company was considering a full renewal of its website on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. To fully renew the website, the company needed to increase the amount of content that communicates its business scale, technological capabilities, and vision to potential customers in the global market, as well as the lack of content that would make it easier for website visitors to understand the company’s business. It also became clear that the product search section needed to be improved to facilitate smoother product searches. Because a wide range of other issues existed, the site renewal was divided into three phases. In doing so, INTRIX, Inc. conducted interviews and other surveys of users visiting the website in Japan and abroad to improve the site.
 Access analysis after the site renovation showed that the figures for the transition rate to product content had increased. In addition, the inflow of users to the enhanced corporate understanding content has also increased, contributing significantly to the improvement of users’ understanding of the business. The creative concept developed at the start of this project has become a guideline for other media as well, and the company’s unified worldview is now deployed in each communication, including the renewal of the company introduction booklet.

Detail of the article:https://www.intrix.co.jp/portfolio/nitto-global-website-strategy/

Service provider : INTRIX, Inc.
Service user : Nitto Denko Corporation

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