【 ANDPAD, a construction management application | Case Study】

The introduction of the ANDPAD construction management application streamlined project management, resulting in increased productivity and a halving of the construction period. Customer satisfaction was also improved through the use of client reporting.

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【 Summary 】

 FRONT HOUSING Corp. is engaged in a wide range of real estate businesses, including brokerage of profitable properties, property management, and rental brokerage, mainly in Nishinomiya, Kobe, and Osaka cities in Hyogo Prefecture.
 As the company expanded its business, the number of projects for minor repairs, such as restoration work, replacement of cloths, and replacement of equipment, increased significantly. The number of projects increased from about 20 to 30 per month during the busy season to about 100, and management could no longer keep up, so the company began to streamline its project management. In the past, the company used a smartphone chat tool to communicate with subcontractors, but as the number of projects increased, important information was getting lost in the messages sent later. In addition, a spreadsheet was used for case management, which was updated by the general manager alone, but as the number of cases increased, other employees began updating the spreadsheet as well, making it difficult to keep track of the situation. Therefore, the company introduced ANDPAD, a construction management application that enables centralized management of everything from on-site efficiency to management improvement.
 After the introduction of ANDPAD, the management of restoration and minor repair projects was consolidated into ANDPAD, allowing a single person to manage all projects. Even when there is work to be done on multiple rooms in the same condominium, the progress can now be immediately tracked because of the ability to communicate with subcontractors in chat rooms for each project. The cleaning business, which performs regular cleaning of managed properties, also uses ANDPAD to communicate with owners through the optional “Owner Report” function.
 The introduction of ANDPAD has also produced benefits in terms of construction time and sales. The number of days from the time a project was initiated to the completion of construction was originally three weeks but has now been cut in half to 10 days, and sales have increased 150% over the previous year. One of the reasons for the increase in sales is the increase in referrals from owners, but the company also feels that the productivity improvements resulting from the introduction of ANDPAD have also had a significant impact.

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Service provider : ANDPAD Inc.
Service user : FRONT HOUSING Corp.

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