【 Customer Experience Transformation | Case Study】

Digital transforming the cruise ship with EY consulting for digital-enabled business transformation. Achieved higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and reduced costs.

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【 Summary 】

 Royal Caribbean’s ship design has been at the forefront of innovation for some time now, attracting passengers and increasing ridership. Meanwhile, looking at industries such as amusement parks, casinos, and airlines, which have been offering mobile check-in and dedicated apps to their customers for years. Now, Royal Caribbean noticed an opportunity to offer passengers a fully integrated digital experience on land and water.
 With DX advancing at a rapid pace, companies recognize that innovation is essential to keep up with the pace of change, and EY survey results show that 50% of CEOs believe they are not prepared to face disruption, and if they fail to respond, their market leadership and capital could be at risk.
 To remain competitive on all fronts, Royal Caribbean has realized that it needs to ensure that its passengers experience an exquisite cruise experience by offering a seamlessly connected experience on land and at sea. Realizing that he needed the right partner to do so, he decided to embark on a cruise into the digital age with the assistance of EY professionals.
 This time, EY assisted the company in developing a system for customer experience, from a check-in system with a facial recognition system that notifies passengers via email that their luggage has been safely delivered to their cabins, to an app that displays adventure plans for all ages so that passengers can easily search, plan, and book activities at any time. The system is designed to provide a customer experience, including the ability for passengers to easily search, plan, and book activities at any time.
 With EY’s help, Royal Caribbean was able to identify the objective of providing passengers with a fully integrated digital experience on land and water. Integrated automation and intelligent personalization will not only improve passenger satisfaction but also increase revenue and reduce costs on board.

Detail of the article:https://www.ey.com/ja_jp/consulting/how-digital-transformation-opened-new-channels-for-growth

Service provider : EY Japan Co., Ltd.
Service user : Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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