【 White Paper Production Service | Case Study】

Utilizing white paper production services to cover resources and know-how. Increased lead acquisition through planning and production that is essentially based on careful interviews.

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【 Summary 】

 GMO Research Inc. had little content for downloading and needed to expand its downloadable materials to increase the number of leads. However, since the company had limited resources and expertise in white paper production, they were looking for a company that could be commissioned to handle everything from planning to production.
 At first, they requested production from several companies, but the quality of the white papers produced by Appmart Corp. was so high that they decided to continue requesting their services. They wanted to create not only a white paper that would lead directly to their services, but also one that would ultimately lead to their research work from various angles, and so they were looking for a client that could do the “planning” part well, which they had never thought of.
 After the white paper was produced, it was consistently downloaded, leading to the acquisition of leads.

Detail of the article:https://appmart.co.jp/casestudy/gmo-research/

Service provider : Appmart Corp.
Service user : GMO Research, Inc.

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