【 A tool for the collective management of review sites "kutikomi com" | Case Study】

Conducted a demonstration test of store PR using Google Business Profiles with Word of “kutikomi com”, a bulk management tool for word-of-mouth sites, and achieved a 544.44% improvement in the number of responses.

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【 Summary 】

 Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. is engaged in railroad and bus operations, real estate, and leisure and service businesses, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture.
 The company felt that due to the drop in inbound travel demand caused by the Corona disaster, it needed to take measures to attract domestic travelers and prepare for future inbound recovery. To this end, the company felt it was necessary to take steps to plant seeds that would make potential customers aware of its attractions.
 They had previously conducted a survey of tourists about their pre-tourist activities and found that almost all of them were using Google. Therefore, they were aware of the usefulness of maintaining information on their Google Business Profile and utilizing word of mouth. On the other hand, they had never tried using word-of-mouth to attract customers and generate sales, so they felt that they needed to work on deepening their understanding and learning while trying out the measures in the actual field. Therefore, they asked mov inc., which specializes in Google Business Profile and word-of-mouth measures, to serve as an advisor and conducted this demonstration experiment.

 The demonstration experiment on improving the ability to attract customers using Google Business Profile, a store information management tool on Google Maps, was conducted at the bread and sweets specialty store “Le Petit Palais” and the souvenir store “Nishitetsu ensen ekimiyage”. Stores need to recognize the usefulness of word-of-mouth and implement measures on their own.
 As a result of this verification experiment, the number of searches increased by 259.17% compared to the same month last year at Rupti Palais, and by 415.25% compared to the average before the implementation of the measures at Nishitetsu ensen ekimiyage. The number of profile views increased 173.81% at Rupti Palais compared to the same month last year, and 668.16% more than the average before the implementation of the measures at Nishitetsu ensen ekimiyage. Furthermore, the number of responses increased 173.75% compared to the same month last year for Rupti Palais and 544.44% compared to the average before the implementation of the measures for souvenirs from the Nishitetsu ensen ekimiyage, a significant increase.

Detail of the article:https://kutikomi.com/case/leisure/nishitetsu/

Service provider : mov inc.
Service user : Nishi - Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

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