【 Companion Web Marketing Support | Case Study】

Introduced a companion web marketing support service and achieved the KPI set from the launch of owned media. Aim to continuously improve PV and CV and expand their product recognition.

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【 Summary 】

 SANSOU SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. is an IT company that develops IT-related applications, builds infrastructure, and provides cloud services as a chatbot manufacturer. Currently, the company is developing its system integration and service integration businesses.
 Since the company could no longer exhibit at face-to-face exhibitions due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, they felt the need to implement full-scale inbound measures outside of events, specifically branding as a manufacturer, web marketing, and other product awareness measures. With no experience in operating owned media themselves, they decided that it would be tough to analyze and utilize the tools well even if they were available, and when they were looking for a company that could handle all the areas where they had little knowledge in-house, they came across Techro corp. Techro corp. is a companion-oriented company that takes care of everything from media creation to distribution of chatbot articles, and even creates leads for interested customers to flow into the FAQs. The most decisive factor for them was the fact that the company handled everything they couldn’t do themselves, all in one fell swoop.
 With the support of Techro corp., they did not see immediate results after the launch, and at first, it was difficult to see results, but after six months, they started to see results in the form of conversions via owned media little by little. At this point, the company is meeting the KPI indicators, and they expect to see a steady increase in both PV and CV.

Detail of the article:https://techro.co.jp/examples/sansou_systems/

Service provider : Techro corp.
Service user : SANSOU SYSTEMS Co., Ltd.

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