【 "User Insight" web analysis tool | Case Study】

Converted from an advertising-driven style of attracting customers to a website that can attract customers through SEO by using User Insight! While cutting advertising costs in half, organic traffic increased sevenfold!

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【 Summary 】

 I-House corp. is developing a real estate brokerage business centered on the management of its own media “mitaina,” which introduces renovated condominiums in the Tokyo area, with the mission of “making life’s greatest expense into life’s greatest asset.
 When the company launched its own media, mitaina, media management was in a state of exploration, and the company felt the need to understand and analyze insights. However, there were no employees who were familiar with web marketing, and even if they had hired a professional web marketer, they would not have been able to determine whether or not it would be a good fit for their company, and they felt that the upfront investment risk was too great. While searching for the most suitable analysis tool for their company, they came across “User Insight” and decided to implement it because it was easy to use even for beginners and had all the necessary analysis functions.
 When User Insight was first introduced, the company used advertising to attract customers, but gradually entered the phase of using SEO to attract customers. As the company continued to make various improvements, mitaina grew into an in-house media that could meet the needs of customers, and the number of organic inflows increased sevenfold in less than a year. Meanwhile, advertising costs were cut in half.

Detail of the article:https://ui.userlocal.jp/document/casestudy/i-house/

Service provider : User Local, Inc.
Service user : I-House corp.

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