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The introduction of the RPA system “Mirarobo” automates the sales tallying process. The company is now able to concentrate on its core business, and the planned system modifications are no longer necessary.

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【 Summary 】

 As a manufacturing company specializing in precision metalworking, YANAKA Corp. provides various high-precision parts, various master gauges, and other products to major manufacturers and other customers.
 In order to respond to the detailed orders of its customers, the company has managed production in a way that places emphasis on manpower and human judgment. In addition, the company has an integrated production system that can be completed in-house, which has made order and production management complicated. In order to improve this situation, the production management system was renewed and other measures were taken to increase efficiency, but there were still situations where ancillary tasks such as organizing and compiling data were covered manually. While searching for a more efficient way to create an environment in which engineers could concentrate on their primary duties, they came across the RPA system “Mirarobo” and decided to implement it.
 After introducing Mirarobo, the first step was to automate the sales tallying process. The creation of daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports was a simple task of creating a tally sheet by visually inspecting and transcribing the data, but because it was done manually, it sometimes took until after the end of the workday when it was late. The automation of this process has allowed the managers to concentrate on the management tasks that they should be doing, and has eliminated the need for additional modifications to the management system, which were expected to take about 30 hours, and has significantly reduced system modification and maintenance costs.

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Service provider : TitanCommunications Inc.
Service user : YANAKA Corp.

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