【 Back Office DX by "jinjer attendance, HR, payroll, workflow, expenses" | Case Study】

Digital transformed the internal systems. By changing the systems used for back-office operations such as attendance, payroll, and human resources to jinjer’s services only, and centralizing management, the information linkage became smooth!

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【 Summary 】

 HumanForum co., ltd. sells clothing and sundry goods to realize a “wonderful gathering of friends,” valuing the importance of human relationships.
 The company had been using separate systems for attendance management, payroll calculation, and issuance of pay slips. Therefore, they could not be linked, and data downloaded from each system had to be processed and reflected in each system, which was inefficient. Therefore, the company was looking for a way to combine attendance, payroll calculation, and payroll statement issuance into a single system. In addition, no personnel database consolidated information such as basic information and transfer history, and the company was managing this information on paper, so they were also looking for a way to break away from paper-based management. Therefore, they introduced each of the services of “jinjer” to move to cloud computing.
 The company chose to implement the services of “jinjer” because of its ability to unify its internal systems and consolidate its management into a single HR database and manage it with a single master. In addition, Jinjer’s ability to keep a history of personnel information was also a major reason.
 The introduction of this service has made it possible for the company to complete the process using only one Jinjer system and to smoothly link information between systems. In addition, by switching from paper to jinjer for year-end adjustments, etc., the company was able to eliminate the need to collect and mail documents, check personnel information on jinjer even when not in the office, and accommodate various work styles, such as working from home.

Detail of the article:https://hcm-jinjer.com/results/results-88710/

Service provider : jinjer Co., Ltd.
Service user : HumanForum co., ltd.

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