【 Cloud Thanksgiving Card "GRATICA" | Case Study】

Cloud Thanksgiving Card “GRATICA” has been introduced for revitalizing communication between remote locations. By expressing gratitude with cards even for remote workers, relationships are built, and organizational performance is improved.

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【 Summary 】

 Yayoi Co., Ltd. is a company that provides strong backup for small businesses in Japan, from accounting software to business support services.
 The CS Division, which is primarily responsible for customer service, handles calls from customers almost all day long, making it difficult to share information within the company and create a sense of unity. Therefore, the company decided to improve internal communication by introducing Thanks Cards and introduced GRATICA, a cloud Thanks Card.
 they chose GRATICA because of its excellent UI and UX, and because they intuitively felt that it would be easy to use on both the management and user sides. In addition, the templates are casual and unique, and the design is updated frequently.
 With the introduction of GRATICA, communication between remote offices has increased, and small exchanges in daily work have become public thanks to the cards, increasing the opportunities for mutual praise. Chatting is a bit of a drag, but GRATICA allows them to express their gratitude to each other without missing a beat. In addition to fostering a culture of mutual praise, they plan to analyze the relationship between thank-you card usage and engagement and apply the results to management as well.

Detail of the article:https://gratica.jp/cases/yayoi.html

Service provider : OKWAVE, Inc.
Service user : Yayoi Co., Ltd.

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