【 Remote HQ, a remote work environment development platform | Case Study】

Implementing a remote HQ to allow equipment to be rented, so that productivity could be increased even with full remote work.

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【 Summary 】

 XTalent, Inc. has a mission to “create a fair labor market,” and offers a job search service for working parents, a matching service for female outside directors, and consulting for DEI promotion.
 The company is moving all work to full remote, and the representative, Mr. Uehara, believed that the investment in equipment and the resulting increase in productivity could not be separated. However, he was also aware of the issue that even if, for example, a remote work allowance of $100 per person was provided, each employee would not be able to invest in equipment with the same literacy level. In searching for a way to solve this problem, he came to know about Remote HQ, a remote work environment development platform.
 When he considered introducing this platform, he thought that even with a monthly allowance of $100, it would be difficult for an individual to buy a $1,000 display, but with Remote HQ, he could use the $100 to subscribe to a $1,000 display as equipment and expect to increase his productivity by that amount.
 Whenever a new initiative requires new investment, employees are happy to be able to immediately search for equipment from Remote HQ’s list or to be able to rent equipment from Remote HQ when a new employee joins the company.

Detail of the article:https://remote-hq.com/casestudy/post/DlkRNJuP

Service provider : HQ Inc.
Service user : XTalent, Inc.

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