【 Guidable Jobs, a one-stop shop for hiring foreign nationals | Case Study】

Amidst the difficulty of hiring for the security industry and the shortage of human resources, the company has achieved smooth hiring of foreign nationals by introducing Guidable Jobs, a system that enables batch requests for foreign hiring.

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【 Summary 】

 Daikei Co., Ltd., about 10 years ago, when they advertised for job openings, they would receive about 5 applicants, but now they were not receiving many applications, and even when they did receive applications, many of the applicants were older than their age. The company had been conducting recruitment activities, including long-term advertisements in various recruitment media and referrals from Hello Work, but these were not very effective. Therefore, they decided to recruit foreigners, taking into account the fact that there was a movement to hire advanced foreign human resources and foreign students, including by the government, and the fact that many foreigners were working in the security industry in major cities such as Tokyo.
 The security industry legally requires 20 hours of training, but the only textbooks available were in Japanese. However, when they heard that Guidable Jobs could also translate textbooks, they decided to give Guidable a try.
 After introducing this service, Guidable conducted the first round of interviews, and those who could understand Japanese to some extent and met the requirements were taken to the second round of interviews, so the company could rest assured that the process would proceed smoothly and successfully.

Detail of the article:https://guidablejobs.jp/3321/

Service provider : Guidable Inc.
Service user : Daikei Co., Ltd.

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