【 Attelu, a future-proof people analytics service | Case Study】

Introduced Attelu, a future-proof people analytics service, to improve the efficiency of recruiting people who can demonstrate their abilities in the company.

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【 Summary 】

 For 30 years, Nihon M&A Center Inc. has been supporting the M&A of small and midsize companies under the corporate philosophy of “contributing to the “survival and development” of companies through M&A operations.
 The company’s organizational expansion necessitated a change in its recruitment methods, which in turn necessitated a full-fledged commitment to the use of data. Most of the mid-career hires are M&A consultants, mainly those who have achieved remarkable sales and operational results in their previous jobs and other positions. Certainly, there were cases where people with high past sales performance were active, but on the other hand, there were also people who left the company because they could not produce successful results, so it was necessary to seriously consider how to determine who could be active in the company. There were many problems with aptitude tests, such as the difficulty of reading the result forms and the inability to eliminate arbitrariness on the part of the candidates. This was one of the triggers for the company’s decision to utilize data. Therefore, the company decided to introduce Attelu, an AI-based people analytics service that predicts the future.
 The system analyzes employees who are active in the company, and when the current applicants are compared to those employees, it can tell how well they match in terms of qualities. In addition, the company intends to use the system to analyze training, placement, and retirement to find clues to solving various problems.

Detail of the article:https://attelu.jp/case/nihon-ma

Service provider : Attelu, Inc.
Service user : Nihon M&A Center Inc.

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