【 PromotionsCRM, a CRM cloud service | Case Study】

CRM cloud service “PromotionsCRM” was introduced to improve operational efficiency; CRM is utilized for contract management to reduce implementation costs, and paperless contracts and more efficient contract creation are also realized.

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【 Summary 】

 Shochiku Co., Ltd. provides rich and diverse content for all generations under its business policy of contributing to world culture by continuing and developing Japanese cultural traditions.
 The company felt that its existing contract management database was aging, causing delays in searches and that it was limited in its ability to manage original contracts and other documents on paper. However, the company was finding it difficult to implement an expensive contract management system using specialized software when it learned about PromotionsCRM, a CRM cloud service, and decided to implement it.
 The system has improved and accelerated the response time of searches. The system also streamlined operations by integrating data on contract creation procedures, and by making contracts paperless, the amount of paperwork was reduced to less than 10% of the total. The ability to utilize the same CRM for contract management has helped control implementation costs.

Detail of the article:https://promotionscrm.jp/case/shochiku.html

Service provider : iPlanner, inc
Service user : Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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