【 Mobile ordering system "Tap & Order" | Case Study】

Introduced “Tap & Order,” a mobile ordering system that allows customers to order from their smartphones, reducing initial costs and labor costs.

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【 Summary 】

 Taverna Porcini which is managed by PORCINI corp. is a restaurant that offers dishes that make use of ingredients directly shipped from the producing regions, which are purchased through a proprietary route.
 The restaurant operates on multiple floors, but sometimes it was not possible to have an employee stationed on the second floor for cost-effectiveness reasons, and the restaurant was finding it difficult to provide the “attentive service” that it demanded. Therefore, to solve the problem, the restaurant spent three to four months studying mobile ordering products. As a result, the restaurant highly evaluated two points: “the system can be linked to SMAREGI POS” and “the introduction cost is low”, and decided to introduce the mobile order system “Tap & Order” from Igrek corp.
 After the system was introduced, the system was used by 80% of the customers, and while the Corona disaster forced the restaurant to reduce the number of people in daily operation, it also made it possible to operate with a reduced workforce.

Detail of the article:https://tap-n-order.com/case/taverna-porcini.html

Service provider : Igrek corp.
Service user : PORCINI corp.

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